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Kari & Denny are an “elder-millennial” sibling duo who probably have no business starting a podcast, but both of them tend to do things when people say they shouldn't *shrug*. Denny is the open-minded skeptic, while Kari recently experienced a spiritual awakening, and enjoys reconsidering everything she thought she knew about life and its meaning. They don't take themselves or the universe too seriously but they do love to laugh at the absurdity of existence.


This podcast is for open-minded (but maybe a little burned out?) humans who are interested in seeing new perspectives about the same old sh*t.  Each week they ask a big unanswerable question (think: the adult version of stuff you asked as kids) and chat about it. They never said they were experts, so don't expect them to give you any answers, they just ask and ponder.

Why? Don't Ask.

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